Charlevoix Council for the Arts

For 59 years the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair has been bringing fine art to our community. The Waterfront Art Fair is the second oldest juried art fair in Michigan. The Charlevoix Council for the Arts was formed to develop year round community participation in the arts. Our goal is to provide inspiration and opportunity for aspiring young local artists and to foster appreciation of the arts.


2008 Grammy award winner and one of Louisianaís favorite sonís Terrance Simien performed for Charlevoix students with grant money provided by the Art Fair.


Ohio Ballet Company performed for Charlevoix students in 1993.


The 44 member Grand Rapids Symphony is under the direction of the Associate Conductor John Varineau, who is known for spreading his enthusiasm to concert-goers of all ages.

One of the nation's top regional orchestras performed one concert for the community and two for the students of Charlevoix Schools.


Arm-Of-The-Sea, A performance ensemble, incorporated kinetic sculpture and painting with poetry, live music, and movement in large scale works of visual theatre, 1995, 96 and 2007.


Duncan Sings-Alone, a Native American storyteller, and author Priscilla Cogan, visited the Charlevoix High School to discuss story-telling and writing with students.

Cogan conducted two sessions with the students: the first on techniques for writing a novel; the second on creative writing in a story form.

Sings-Alone told Native American myths and discussed oral traditions.





Elementary and high school students learned the ancient art of fresco painting with pure pigments on wet plaster. Rick and Deb Zuccarini, muralist artists-in-residence, taught the students how to create a fresco mural from scratch.


Proceeds from the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair are invested in the children of the Charlevoix area to provide:

  • college scholarships to students majoring in art

  • art and music camp scholarships

  • performances by professional dance troupes (i.e. the Ohio Ballet)

  • performances by professional drama companies (i.e. the Prince Street Players)

  • concerts by musical groups (i.e. the Grand Rapids Symphony)

  • purchase of original art for display in the schools

  • art and music workshops

  • "meet the author" programs in the schools

  • grants for purchase of art, music and drama equipment

The Charlevoix Council for the Arts appreciates your patronage of the outstanding artists participating in the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair.

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